Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snow Day

It snowed most of the night and there is quite a bit of snow outside this morning. I spent the morning watching the movie "Love, Actually" which is one of my favorite Christmas movies. So sweet and makes me choke up every time. I turned on the "Seasonal Favorites" music channel on cable so now I"m really in the mood for Christmas. Think I will get out my Debbie Mumm Snow Angels dishes for us to start using tonight.

I'm trying to get laundry done, the house cleaned and my current client project finished along with making something interesting for dinner. I bought a bottle of wine yesterday just because and since I can almost never finish a bottle of wine anymore, I think I will use some of the leftovers to make some tomato sauce and we will have lasagna for dinner. I have everything I need except Ricotta - which I have everything I need to make it so think I will go for it. I'm in the mood to putter in the kitchen. Which of course allows me to procrastinate on my other projects.

I just started the ricotta - it only took 5 minutes so not much impact on my project time. Ok - no more. I just need to get down to it. I will post an update later today. I will work on my client project for two hours, then I will get started on the tomato sauce and get the lasagna put together for later. I'm in pantry clean-out mode so this dish will do nicely. I have two boxes of noodles, 8 cans of tomatoes, about 15 pounds of onions and lots of dried herbs to use up in the sauce along with the wine. (Which I will save a glass to have with the lasagna later - it's my current $10 favorite, Insatiable Cabernet Sauvignon.)

I had better get working, I think Alex and Lucille are getting up from their nap. I'm losing my productive window pretty quickly.

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