Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Long Absences and Projects

It always takes me forever to come up with a topic to write about and it has finally dawned on me that I don't need to put up pithy, well-thought out posts in the classic five paragraph essay style I learned in school. This is my blog for my thoughts and day-to-day living - so here goes. A new evolution for my blog. Maybe I'll get really crazy and misspell a few words. Although that creates havoc with my OCD.

As anyone who would probably read this blog knows, I'm unemployed so I have lots of time right now to work on projects, although I don't seem to be getting a lot done. Currently, working on getting invitations done for my dear friend Amanda's 25th anniversary party. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, although Amanda is such a creative person and fabulous at the execution that I don't feel like they are quite measuring up. I hope she likes them....

I'm also working on several knitting projects. Currently, working on finishing a sweater for Lucille. It's purple and hooded and just needs the pockets to be finished and the lining put in. I love this sweater pattern. It's fast and easy and turns out great. I made one for Haley, Charles and Amber's little girl earlier in red with Lady Bug buttons. It's totally adorable. I also have a hat for Alex almost done and socks that I started over the weekend. I was almost half done with the first one when I realized I had dropped a stitch so far back that the only way to rescue it was to rip it out. So - now I'm about a third done with that sock. Oh well.

I'm also sewing again for the first time in years. I finally figured out that the reason I wasn't sewing was because of the state of my sewing machine. It bunched up and tangled the bobbin thread everytime I tried to make something. I finally got it serviced last spring and it works beautifully. I made Lucille a pair of Purple Jammies with butterflies with matching white slippers with purple soles and cuff (knitted of course). They are SO adorable - I want to make them for every kid in my life.

The last project I have right now is to get my Christmas Cards done in a timely manner. I didn't send them out for years and over the past four years have managed to get further on the path. The first year I got cards out just to my immediate family. Last year I got them out to more extended family and a couple of friends. This year I'm going for broke and aiming for my extended family as well as my complete circle of friends. Maybe being unemployed will help me with that goal.

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