Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lazy Veteran's Day

This morning Alex and I checked out a newer restaurant in town, Lennie's - basically a more down-to-earth and relaxed version of Lucile's. Great food, a bit cheaper, and a really homey atmosphere. I highly recommend it. Plus, a huge point in their favor, being Veteran's day, they donated 15% of all ticket sales to three different programs in Boulder County that serve Vets.

While we were eating, Ann called to see if we wanted to join her and Haley at the Veteran's day parade. We headed up town and watched the parade with the girls. It was great - the turnout was terrific and the parade was pretty good! I was really happy to see it.
I wish I had had my camera though.

The rest of the day has been spent on working on a project for a client and making puffs for Amanda's anniversary party. According to my pastry chef daughter, my piping technique has really improved. I'm pretty happy with that praise as she is an exacting judge of all things baked. For Amanda's party, we will be filling some with smoked salmon mousse, some with chicken curry salad, and some with a vegetarian option yet to be defined.

I also made some cookies to ship off to Ft. Knox to my favorite Vet (Jeremy of course) in honor of today. I didn't grow up being terribly patriotic, howeve
r having a family member that is a vet has made me much more aware of the military and the honor we owe them. I'm happy I was able to go to the parade and scream loudly "101st! Air Assault" whenever I saw a Screaming Eagle patch with Alex and Lucille.

Picture is the start of my striped socks (after I re-knit what I had to rip out). I'm loving this yarn as it stripes itself while knitting. I think I will see if I can get some black and white yarn so I can make Bethany Wicked Witch of the West socks for next Halloween.

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