Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More about Projects

Knitting has turned out to be such a joy for me. I find I can't sit still any longer and have to be working on something. I usually find myself knitting in those cases. I wish I could just cook all the time but until Alex builds up more clientele I have to find other things to do. I just finished a pair of slippers for Maegan and am working on a pair for her to take back to Janice. I'm still half way through my stripey socks, but probably won't finish them until after Christmas at this point.

I started my new job yesterday - so far it's somewhat anti-climatic but I know once things start happening I will be crazy busy. I should have my accounts sometime this afternoon so I can get started with my work. I'm really looking forward to it but it will cut back on my knitting and scrabble time.

I was invited to a scrabble clue in Boulder, I think I will try to go but will probably get my heinie whipped. It will be good for me. I've learned so much playing with better players online so am looking forward to gaining from a group of people that play all the time. Plus, the opportunity to meet some new people will be great.

I think I will stamp the rest of my Christmas cards tonight. I really want to get them done - and probably won't have time if I put it off any longer. The other project I need to finish this week is sewing the rest of Lucille's PJ's. They are so cute - I have Pink plaid with Monkey's and Green with Frogs for her. They both go with her purple and white slippers, or "Lippers" in Lucille-speak.

Snow is moving in - good time to cozy up and eat comfort food and work on projects. Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight with Strawberries and Ice Cream for dessert.

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