Monday, April 7, 2008

It's all about Pink

So - to go with my pink helmet, Donna got me a pink bell for my bike (it says "I love my bike" on it) and has a beautiful ting! ting! sound.

But best of all - she got me pink socks that say "Cancer Sucks!" on them. I love them! I'm going to wear them to work out in today. They are a beautiful shade of pink and they fit my attitude exactly. For your very own Cancer Sucks items, visit

Another site that I love is If you didn't see the documentary of the same name, I highly recommend it. It's a really inspiring to see someone fighting back with the humor and determination Kris Carr has. I revisit her blog and book (which I own - also courtesy of Donna) every so often to keep me from feeling sorry for myself.

Another site that I spend a lot of time on is Fran Drescher founded this group as a political action group to help push an agenda of early detection for women's cancers. Fran was mis-diagnosed and mis-treated for peri-menopause when she actually had Uterine Cancer. She is driving to create an environment that diagnoses all gynecological cancers in stage 1 when they are the most curable as well as pushing for an improvement in women's health care nationwide.

An organization that I would encourage everyone to look at and contribute to if possible is the Healthlinks Clinic in Boulder. Director Trudy Turvey is an amazing person that understands that treating the whole person is the most important part of survivorship. Their mission is to help survivors cope with the physical and emotional sides of surviving a frightening diagnoses. I can't say enough about how much working with HealthLinks has meant to me as a survivor.

While I feel so fortunate that I was diagnosed as early as I was even if it was a complete fluke, cancer has defined my life in a way I never expected. I sometimes wonder if there really was a "before" for me as even though it hasn't even been quite a year, it feels like it's been my life forever. Like a sonata (you all knew you would get an link to the blog name eventually - right?), this movement of my life is in a very contrasted key and theme.

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